What are the different kitchen cabinet styles?

Kitchen Cabinets are the first thing we’re going to talk about how to pick your style. There are quite a few styles and not everything kind of fits in one bucket or another. But let’s just touch on the five that we see to the side here.

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional
  • Farm House

Capozzi Design Group Kitchen

Credits: Holiday Kitchens

Modern Kitchens

This is a very popular kitchen style to start with. It is basically a cleaner lined style even than a transitional space. A modern kitchen would have neutral colors, maybe with pops of color here and there. But really keeping things very neutral, very organic, natural, calming. If there is not a lot of lines going on, that would really be a modern kitchen.

Classic Kitchens

The cabinetry that looks more like furniture would be classic in nature. There are a lot of homes in Northeast Ohio in Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, a lot of the areas here in Northeast Ohio where there’s still these beautiful, very classic kitchens that really are timeless and never really go out of style. There are certain elements that are going to be really important to bring that classic kitchen together. 

Contemporary Kitchens

One of the things that we love about contemporary kitchens, you’re going to have a kind of very modern look taken to the next level coming from Europe. So again, very clean lines, sleeker materials. You may have some different uses of metals, and also you see different combinations when it comes to colors. But a lot of contemporary kitchens have some dramatic features to them. They’re very clean-lined in nature and simple yet really well-tailored and put together. We’ve seen a lot of people attempt contemporary and not really kind of pull it off. Maybe not quite achieve it to the level that it deserves. When people come in and they want to truly contemporary kitchen, there are certain elements, a lot of that really lies in the details, you really want to rely on a specialist that has a true understanding of what contemporary is and what it means in order to complete a design that can be as beautiful and finished as it should be and as it deserves. Because a lot of times they’re very simple, but it truly is in the details.

Transitional Kitchens

Transitional is the word that we all hear a lot, and certainly many kitchens have moved to transitional here in Northeast Ohio, we have a lot of transitional kitchens more in some of the outlying suburbs as well, so again, when it comes to transitional, we’re seeing a lot of still the shaker style or recessed panel doors we’re seeing mixes, paints along with matching, having stains with that as well. Interesting mixes of countertop materials and even some new finishes when it comes to plumbing hardware, our plumbing, and also hardware.

Farmhouse Kitchens

The last style that we’re going to talk about would be classic farmhouse kitchens. When most people think farmhouse style, they probably think of a white kitchen with soapstone or a honed finish on the countertop. We still are seeing homes that are using some elements that really would go along with that farmhouse style of even with the beadboard. It would come back to some of those details in that mix of that black and white. A lot of matte finishes when it comes to that. Different wood species, maybe some of the more rustic wood species we’re seeing in the farmhouse style as well. Most of our projects were probably fall into that transitional style just because we’re blending, and personalizing based on maybe the architecture of the home, the amount of trim or types of woods in the home, or even just kind of their style, and then giving it a little bit more of a modern or contemporary flair. It’s really interesting if you take a look at a lot of our pictures on our website. there’s a lot of diversity, and when you start talking in terms of what you see here, it’s a lot different than being able to take a look at some pictures.


This is really very much just a starting point. And I think once you look online and you see some of the diversity and the projects that we’ve completed, you can start to see these trends in modern, classic, contemporary, transitional, and farmhouse kitchens because a lot of kitchens are transitional, modern or contemporary. But at the same time, there are true modern kitchens that we do. There are true classic kitchens. There are very pure contemporary kitchens that we do as well, It really comes down to the homeowner and understanding what it is that they’re really looking for because sometimes they could say something, and it’s not necessarily what they mean when we dive a little deeper to have a real understanding before we move forward.

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