We have to give you the bad news first: sadly we’re officially saying our goodbyes to summer. Boating season is coming to a close, and we will soon retire out shorts and flip-flops.

But now for the good news—autumn is here! And to kick-start this glorious sweater weather, we have the National Association of Remodeling Industry Fall Home Improvement Tour to look forward to!

You mean that’s happening NOW?

That’s right—coming up on September 22 and 23, you can take a tour of newly remodeled and carefully selected Cleveland homes. Make sure to purchase your tickets right now before they’re all gone!

This 2018 Cleveland tour includes 15 stunning homes. But we simply cannot go any further without first discussing just how extraordinary the architecture in these lakeside Ohio homes truly is…

For one, these homes display woodworking at its finest. The designs in these newly remodeled homes also blend historic components with modern updates.

Cleveland homes are all about space…the more, the better. Even smaller homes allow for larger rooms and high ceilings. This is all to offer an airy and relaxed feel.

That said, no two homes here will ever be the same. Each home celebrates distinct character that reflects Cleveland’s multi-layered, long-standing heritage. This NARI tour will be all the more interesting as you compare and contrast these homes with all that makes them unique.

The eye-catching architecture in Cleveland pairs well with the walkable and family-friendly area. Fall brings gorgeous views and allows time to explore. Many homes in the area are in walking distance to restaurants, shops, and museums, not to mention the lake. And although the departing summer heat takes swimming off the docket for the season, it also allows more time to explore outside with cooler more comfortable weather.

What Capozzi Design Group will personally be proud to display…

This year, Capozzi is absolutely thrilled to take part in this NARI tour as a featured stop on the tour route. Capozzi’s remodel sits on gorgeous Lake Erie with its kitchen offering panoramic views of the water.

Washing the dishes could never be more scenic.

We started with a French Country style kitchen area. French Country—or French Provincial—gathers its inspiration from the dream-like homes of Provence, France. It’s recognized by its balance of symmetrical elegance with eye-catching hues. Lovingly crafted woodwork and an array of perfectly cultivated patterns results in a rustic yet modern scene. Needless to say, we were given the perfect space to remodel.

We wanted to keep the integrity of the design that was so rooted in history, but we also faced a problem: the kitchen overlooked Lake Erie, yet the views left something to be desired. However, the homeowner was ready to maximize that gorgeous lakeside location, and so our priority was set.

The kitchen space originally presented itself as a smaller, darker-toned area that was just itching to show off what it could really do. There was work to be done, starting with the puzzle of how to lighten the space’s mood.

Never fearing a challenge, the Capozzi team got to work. The first and most daunting obstacle resulted in one of the many highlights of the new kitchen. We were given a pine ceiling that we did not want to lose. The team decided to engineer a completely new ceiling in order to better install lighting throughout the kitchen space. The result was a clean lined, wood beam ceiling with recessed lighting.

Our next task was opening the space to transform it from a quartered kitchen area to a truly livable space. At Capozzi we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and in today’s society it’s used for a lot more than just cooking. And this requires more room.

Most notably, we took down a wall separating the kitchen and dining room. By removing that wall, a family space was created. And now, walking into the room you are greeted by a stunning panoramic views of Lake Erie. The transformation was unbelievable.

You’ll notice that many other homes along the lake have done the same in recent renovations. And they all stem from the same question: why only allow one room to take part in such a perfect opportunity?

With the basic bones of the space perfected, we were able to add in accents and pieces that truly encapsulated the lake house feel. Drawing inspiration from the colors around us, we chose to highlight navy and white. Combined with the pine wood, the colors are all bright and inviting. Natural light can’t help but bounce off the walls to further open up the space.

We decided to incorporate an island with extra seating to accommodate the family and any entertaining they would like to do. Ruthann was able to work with the homeowners and perfectly pick out cabinetry and custom doors, also. The kitchen is minimalist in design, meaning that nothing takes away from the view.

We at Capozzi Design Group were thrilled to be chosen as a featured stop on NARI’s Fall Home tours. We cannot wait to see all of you there! We’ll be ready (and excited) to answer any questions you may have about what we did to help craft this kitchen space’s unique character, or about what we can do to help you create your perfect remodel dream.

To see more and view their online look book click on this link: https://digitaleditions.glpublishing.com/NARIRemodeledHomesTour2018/


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